Recyclable Regatta raises awareness

Wed 22 Sep 2010

This year's Whitsunday Reef Festival features an event to raise awareness of an important reef protection issue. Every year increasing signs are evident on the once pristine shores of the Whitsunday Islands and Whitehaven Beach as plastic rubbish invades.

Greater care is needed with the use and disposal of plastics and other recyclable rubbish that otherwise enters the eco system and tarnishes our invaluable reef and islands. Plastics take years to completely break down and the oceans are becoming polluted with careless disposal of plastics throughout the world.

Saturday the 23rd October at 11am is the first ever “Recyclable Regatta” will be held at Abel Point Marina, Airlie Beach in the vacinity of A / B arms. Youth, adult and corporate teams are invited to enter a raft and participate in this great fun event.

There will be prizes in each division and an award for the most ingenious design.

Design rules:
Maximum size: 2m x 2m
Construction: The rafts must be made entirely of recyclable waste material, excepting fasteners, glues or tape. Keep in mind that no entries will have their validity challenged by the officials

Marshaling: On the day of the event rafts must be bought to a marina berth in B arm for judging and official measurement and display before 9.30am
Course: The course will be around one or more buoys in the marina waters between A and B arms. The course will be in the vicinity of 100 metres in length.
Post Event: At the close of the event the rafts will be broken down by the competitors and recycled.

The event is sponsored by the Airlie Beach based bareboat companies based at Abel Point Marina. Cumberland Charter Yachts, Whitsunday Escape, Queensland Yacht Charters, Whitsunday Private Yacht Charters and Charter Yachts Australia. The invaluable support of Aquadive (life jackets and stinger suits) and Meridien Marinas is appreciated.

Local campaigners Libby Edge from Eco Barge Services and Ian Thompson from SOS Ocean Racing will be on hand for the regatta to speak with concerned citizens about how to better protect the marine environment and their personal experiences with marine rubbish.

Entries are already under way from the PCYC and Eco Barge Services.

Become involved in this event, take up the challenge. Start collecting your recyclables and design a raft for family fun, corporate involvement or team building. For further information, confirm your entry or show your support, contact John Nayler on 0407 15 13 11.Ian Thompson with PCYC group

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Bottles tops from local shores
Bottles tops from local shores