Best Job In The World Arrival

Sun 03 May 2009

The arrival of the Island Caretaker candidates to Hamilton Island was as expected. The 16 were greeted at the airport by a bunch of media, Tourism Queensland minders and the show stealing human good luck charm for the Japanese candidate, Mieko.

The event amused and bewilded the other guests arriving on the Virgin Blue flight, while departing guests refused to pass our reporters a glass of champagne through the windows of the departure lounge. Never mind that, they could only be jealous that their holiday in the Whitsundays, Great Barrier Reef was over.

The 16 candidates will brave conditions amongst the bottom 10% of local weather over the next 4 days as they showcase the Great Barrier Reef to the world. The forecast South-East trade winds are well reputed amongst the sailors of the world, and early explorers. Recommended kit for the candidates would now likely include sea-sickness remedies and barf-bags. will stay abreast of the action over the next 4 days.

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