Bareboat Open Day attracts new boaties

Mon 25 Oct 2010

Reproduced from the Whitsunday Times

Meridien Marina's Abel Point Marina was the venue for the final bareboat
open day for 2010. As part of the Whitsunday Reef Festival a line up of
eleven vessels was put on display. The new Montebello 12.5 from
Whitsunday Private Yacht Charters was voted the most popular vessel of
the day with voter statistics showing the regional power of Reef
Festival. People enjoying the display had come from Andergrove, Mackay,
Ayr, and Rockhampton amongst a locality list dotting the region,
Australia and the world.

"Bareboating is a popular way to experience the Whitsundays for those
seeking adventure and independence amongst the islands" said John Mol
from Charter Yachts Australia, one the participating charter companies
in the display. "We enjoy sending off groups to the islands, knowing
full well that they will return having had the holiday of a lifetime."

It would seem that that the attraction of this style of holiday has
remained strong despite economic times and the lack of southern air
access to mainland Whitsundays. The line up of vessels on the day was
half the numbers normally seen in the prior displays with so many
vessels out currently on charter.

The boat display and associated recyclable regatta reinforced the
commitment of community from the marina with the festival receiving a
joint financial contribution from Abel Point Marina, Queensland Yacht
, Cumberland Charter Yachts, Whitsunday Escape, Whitsunday
Private Yacht Charters
, Charter Yachts Australia and organiser