Interview with Melissa from Ontario, Canada

Fri 03 Apr 2009

With just hours to till the announcement of the top 10 Best Job in the World applicants ChannelWhitsunday.com sought some answers from the top 50 that have now endured months of blogging, interviews and sleepness nights as they campaign be the first "Island Caretaker" for the Great Barrier Reef.

We received this response from Melissa from Ontario, Canada about her campaign.

1. When you started out with BJITW did you consider the amount of time that you would have to put in to eventually be the island caretaker?
ABSOLUTELY! I work in promoting other companies and other products I know what it takes!

2. How many hours would you estimate that you have put into your campaign?
This is truly a FULL-TIME job already

3. Who has been in the most inspirational and supportive in your campaign (outside your folks)?
From my MS2 Productions team, to A Channel Viewers, to Facebook friends I can't pin point just one...

4. There has been some media and internet coverage that has been quite critical of the campaign. Have you come in for any direct flak for your success thus far? How did you feel about it?
No flak thus far... All positive!

5. What is the most important thing you have learned during the process?
Support goes both ways! There has been an outpouring of support from people that I don't even know...
It is important to Be yourself! But be the best self you can be each day!

6. Should you not eventually become the IC, what does life look like after the dust has settled?
A jam packed 6 month schedule with fun and excitement everyday - full of adventure, hard work and dedication!