Interview with Anny Chih

Thu 02 Apr 2009

With just hours to till the announcement of the top 10 Best Job in the World applicants sought some answers from the top 50 that have now endured months of blogging, interviews and sleepness nights as they campaign be the first "Island Caretaker" for the Great Barrier Reef.

We received this response from Anny Chih of Vancouver about her campaign.

1. When you started out with the BJITW did you consider the amount of time that you would have to put in?
I knew from the get-go that I would have to invest a lot of time and effort to get into the Top 50. I didn't realize though how much time would be spent doing media interviews during the week after the announcement. I loved every minute of it!

2. How many hours would you estimate that you've put into your campaign?
During the weeks leading up to the Top 50 announcement, I probably spent an average of four to five hours each day working on my campaign. After the announcement, my application for this position was like a full-time job in itself! This, in addition to creating the application video adds up to well over 350 hours. Sheesh! Tourism Queensland is definitely getting their money's worth!

3. Who has been the most inspirational and supportive in your campaign (outside your folks)?
Apart from my family (who by the way have been insanely FABULOUS!), the most inspirational and supportive people have been people I've met through this application process. Some names that pop into mind are (in no particular order - and please keep in mind that this list is very much incomplete): Shawn Welch, Belinda (aka CityRose), my fellow Vancouverite candidates Marcella Moser and Erik Rolfsen (who I've had so much fun with!), Rey and other fellow Ningers, and Susie Parish who set up the Ning forum where a lot of us ended up meeting each other. :)

4. There has been some media and internet coverage that has been quite critical of the campaign. Have you come in for any direct flak for your success thus far? How did you feel about it?
The day after the Top 50 were announced, Marcella and I were on the radio and the host asked us if we felt used as a result of taking part in this campaign. Both of us were surprised at the question because I think this has been one of the greatest things to have ever happened to us! Sure, I've received some negative feedback about my campaign - I even received a racist e-mail through my blog! But none of that matters when you compare it to all the support I've received from people around the world! This opportunity has been absolutely amazing and I've learned SO much from it that no amount of negativity could take away from it!

5. What is the most important thing you have learned during the process?
I guess the most important new thing that I've learned through this application process has been that life is continuous - you're not a student one day and then suddenly a working professional the day you graduate. Everything you do as a student affects your life after it, and you continue to learn just as much (if not more) once you start working as well.

6. Should you not eventually become the IC, what does life look like after the dust has settled?
Ahh John!! I refuse to think about it! Just cross your fingers for me instead! ;)